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The FM sector continues to speculate about building information modelling (BIM); how it’s changing the ways that buildings are constructed and maintained, how to turn BIM data into valuable information to understand building performance, whether BIM is relevant for existing buildings as well as new and the benefits and the practicalities around its adoption.

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Service Works Global, leading provider of FM, Space and BIM software and services has partnered with UBM, the company behind Facilities Show and collaborated to produce a new eBook, which has been designed to help facilities managers understand the achievability of BIM for FM. In the form of a panel debate, the eBook, opens up an invaluable discussion and addresses some of the key topics and perceived barriers around BIM and the uptake within the industry.
BIM - can value be demonstrated for existing buildings?
Why has there been a low uptake on BIM to date?
What’s changed since the BIM level 2 mandate and is the private sector using it?
Are FMs taking advantage of other developments to manage their buildings?
Data is a valuable resource so why are only a small
Percentage of companies integrating BIM with CAFM?
How can we change FMs’ perceptions of BIM?
What is the future for BIM?
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